Hello, I’m Tom!

I’m a student of literature at NYU Abu Dhabi, due to graduate in May 2021. My main academic focus is Arabic literature and culture, and I’m currently working on a senior thesis on a seventeenth-century Ottoman-Egyptian text, Yūsuf al-Shirbīnī’s Hazz al-quḥūf bi sharḥ qaṣīd Abī Shādūf. I am also interested in minor literatures, comparative poetics, theories of world literature, critical theory, and comparative modernisms.

With amazing friends and interlocutors, Alia El-Kattan and Lujain Ibrahim, I worked as Lead Designer on multiplicity.tech, a curation of articles on the role of the internet in our lives. Of the seven articles, one of them is mine, entitled “On the Contingency of the Digital Archive.” I am also Executive Editor of the Arts & Culture section at Postscript Magazine and Senior Opinion Editor at The Gazelle.

Say hey at tjas [at] hey [dot] com!