Hello, I’m Tom!

I’m a PhD student in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton. I have an AM in Comparative Literature from Dartmouth, where I wrote about the travelogues and poetry of the Damascene Sufi ʿAbd al-Ghanī al-Nābulusī (d. 1143/1731), and a BA in Literature from New York University Abu Dhabi, where I wrote about a 17th-century Ottoman-Egyptian text, Yūsuf al-Shirbīnī’s Hazz al-quḥūf bi-sharḥ qaṣīd Abī Shādūf. My main academic focus is late medieval and early modern Arabic literature; I am also interested in modern Arabic literature (esp. poetry), early modern studies, Mediterranean studies, comparative poetics, critical theory, and comparative modernities.

With amazing friends and interlocutors, Alia El-Kattan and Lujain Ibrahim, I worked as Lead Designer on multiplicity.tech, a curation of articles on the role of the internet in our lives. Of the 14 articles, one of them is mine, entitled “On the Contingency of the Digital Archive.”

Say hey at tomabisamra [at] gmail [dot] com!